Australia: Legalwise Seminars celebrates 20 years

Congratulations to Legalwise the best at what they do in Australia….


CPD provider Legalwise Seminars has marked 20 years since it opened its doors, with its managing director saying the provider is looking ahead to continually shaping the educational future of the legal profession.

In a statement posted recently, Legalwise Seminars managing director Jacquelyn Simon (pictured) said that the provider has transformed from offering programs for legal professionals in Sydney alone through to being the CPD provider of choice for tens of thousands of professionals throughout Australia and New Zealand.

“For 20 years, we have strived to ensure that our legal programs are both timely and authoritative so that you, our delegates, are provided with the information that you need and want. For 20 years, the programs have been led by professionals who were the best in their field bringing you independent and authoritative content,” she proclaimed.

“Exactly what you needed then is precisely what you need now, in this ever-transforming legal and business environment.”

There is, however, “still much more to do”, Ms Simon noted.

“From our start with just a few in-person seminars in Sydney, Legalwise Seminars has grown to provide lawyers and other professionals throughout Australia and New Zealand the insights and training that you search for on a daily basis and now in different formats too; in-person, online and on-demand,” she outlined.

“Our vision is to remain embedded in your practice, for you to grow with Legalwise Seminars and for Legalwise Seminars to continue to provide you with the right information, at the right time and in the right format.”

The future is an exciting place to be, Ms Simon went on, and the provider will continually strive to legal professionals what they need in a changed working and learning environment.

“Legalwise Seminars’ success would be impossible without the tireless efforts of each of our passionate presenters and the belief of the many thousands of delegates who have trusted us throughout the years to deliver for them,” she submitted.

“Each of you made a difference to us and to each other. Thank you for inspiring us over the years, without you we would not be celebrating 20 years. I also owe our success to a dedicated team who have always remained committed to our vision and to the success of our presenters and delegates.”

“I thank each and every individual who dedicated their time to Legalwise Seminars over the years. It is you who have been my strength and I am thankful and honoured to work alongside you. Thank you to you all, presenters, delegates and team, and let’s continue to shape our futures together.”