Australia: Law Institue of Victoria Drops Membership Fees By 80%

Lawyers Weekly  Australia has this in from the Law Institute of Victoria today ….The Law Institute of Victoria has unveiled a $4 million member subsidy package to support members and practitioners across the Garden State in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement to members on Tuesday morning, Law Institute of Victoria president Sam Pandya and CEO Adam Awty said the member association was “acutely aware” of the impact that coronavirus has had on practitioners and firms.

As a result, LIV is “prepared to take extreme measures” to support those individuals and institutions, the statement noted.

“We know that many of you are doing it tough, and while we cannot assist with your obligations for practising certificate fees, fidelity fund contributions and professional indemnity insurance, we can provide membership fee relief,” the pair wrote.

As a result, LIV has reduced its annual membership fee for the 2020-21 membership year for full fee-paying members to $99, including GST, which amounts to a reduction of 80 per cent from the usual annual fee of $515 plus GST.

Fees for accredited specialists and affiliate members will also be set at $99 for the coming year.

This “one-off reduction” represents a support package of $4 million in fee subsidies, LIV said.

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