Aus Firm Thomson Playford Cutler Has New Chief Executive Partner

The Australian newspaper has reported this morning that….

ONE of the fastest-growing law firms in the country has had a change of leadership, with Thomson Playford Cutlers appointing Adrian Tembel as its new chief executive partner.

Tembel, an Adelaide-based corporate group partner, takes the reins from Brett Goodridge, who has completed his tenure after 4 1/2 years in charge.

Under Goodridge, the firm has grown, through a series of mergers, from its Adelaide roots as Thomson Playford into a national presence.

More than two years ago, it merged with Sydney firm Cowley Hearne. Last September, it merged with Sydney-based Cutler Hughes&Harris and just last month with the Melbourne office of Dibbs Abbott Stillman.

In the past 12 months, the firm’s total staff has increased by almost 40 per cent and the number of partners has jumped from 39 to 47.

Tembel says his initial focus in his new role will be on consolidating that rapid growth and fully developing the firm’s new areas of expertise..

"Bringing firms together and fully unlocking the potential in the merged entity takes time and we still have a lot of potential to unlock in those mergers," he says. "I think that’s a key part of my job, to bring it together and unlock the synergies and value."

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