August 2022: Transnational Law A Framework for Analysis


Globalisation impacts every aspect of modern society and today’s law graduates are expected to deal with complex legal problems that require knowledge and training that goes beyond domestic law. This textbook provides an overview of how law is becoming increasingly transnational, facilitating theoretical and practical engagement with transnational legal institutions and phenomena. It advances an analytic framework that will help students to understand what to look for when they encounter transnational legal institutions and practices, and what are the practical and normative implications of their findings. By considering both the theory and practice of transnational law and taking a discursive approach to the material, students are encouraged to arrive at their own conclusions. Adopting interdisciplinary techniques and using case studies from around the world, this book offers a holistic, balanced exploration of a new and emerging discipline.

Key features

  • Draws on case studies from a diverse range of disciplines and jurisdictions, allowing readers to evaluate transnational legal phenomena from several perspectives
  • Adopts a discursive approach to the material, encouraging students to form their own conclusions