Asian Institute of Management (AIM) launches Master in International Business Law (MIBL) program.

THE Asian Institute of Management (AIM) makes a monumental stride in redefining business education by launching the Master in International Business Law (MIBL) program.

AIM’s MIBL program sets a new standard for equipping business professionals and graduates with valuable legal knowledge. It explores the legal dimensions that shape the corporate landscape and meet the demands of today’s interconnected global economy.

In keeping with AIM’s AACSB accreditation, the pioneering program adopts a multidisciplinary approach, acknowledging the nexus of law, management and finance.

AIM said this holistic perspective mirrors the evolving needs of industries where legal intricacies intersect with strategic business decisions, adding that through a comprehensive curriculum, students learn skills that apply to international business transactions, corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and dispute resolution.

MIBL is designed for professionals and entrepreneurs who are non-lawyers and who want to understand the global business landscape comprehensively and develop the skills required to excel in international business roles.

The 18-month, part-time hybrid program allows students to seamlessly integrate their studies with their existing commitments. This hybrid approach empowers students to partake in either online or on-campus sessions, accommodating diverse learning preferences and lifestyles.

Washington SyCip Graduate School of Business Head Felipe Calderon, CPA, CMA, PhD, said, “The Master in International Business Law program bridges the gap between legal expertise and diverse professions. It equips individuals from varied backgrounds with the legal acumen necessary to thrive in their careers while actively contributing to their organization’s global goals.”

The program welcomes both practicing lawyers aiming to enhance their business knowledge and non-lawyers aspiring to gain essential legal skills. With a distinguished faculty roster that includes leading legal experts and seasoned business practitioners, the MIBL program seamlessly blends theoretical insights with practical applications.

As businesses navigate an ever-evolving landscape, the MIBL reaffirms AIM’s commitment to nurturing innovative and adaptable leaders. Applications for the inaugural intake are now open, with classes commencing in January 2024.