Article: Two Easy Ways Lawyers Can Use Reddit to Grow Their Business

If you’re a lawyer, were you aware Reddit could be a good way to boost your business?

Now, you may be asking yourself, “What’s Reddit?”

Reddit calls itself the “front page of the internet” but it’s really just a collection of communities, called “subreddits” where users participate in threaded discussions on topics of all kinds. It’s got more than 300 million active users and has seen a bit of a resurgence in popularity the last few years.

And one attorney based in New Jersey tells us the site can be a great way to show off your legal expertise and potentially meet new clients.

“People choose a lawyer by expertise and experience,” says attorney Lauren E. Scardella. Scardella recently published an article about how lawyers can use Reddit to grow business.

“Judicious and active use of Reddit can help a lawyer showcase that (expertise and experience),” she says.

Among the thousands of subreddits are people looking for some advice, not necessarily from an attorney, but definitely some legitimate expert advice.

And if you’re vigilant and searching the right communities on Reddit, you can offer that advice to the person looking for it. And once they find out you’re a lawyer, you may be the first person they turn to as their representative in court.

Here’s a good example of how an attorney can use Reddit to potentially find a client to represent:

A person visits the Law topic on Reddit and finds a subreddit on agreements with contractors. If this is an area where you’re an expert, you visit there and find someone who’s having a problem with a contractor they hired. They’re not getting anywhere with the contractor and they need legal advice.

If you supply them with the proper legal advice, that disgruntled person could turn to you and ask you to represent them.

Scardella pointed out 2 very simple ways to meet potential new clients on Reddit and to use the site to offer your written legal expertise that addresses peoples’ real-life problems.


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