Article: Library Corner: Thrilling twists and turns in legal reads…. The following list features a sampling of favorite club reads divided into four categories.

Legal twists and turns

• “Say Nothing” by Brad Parks — Judge’s twins kidnapped. Bribed. Terrorizing ordeal.

• “The Holdout” by Graham Moore — One woman: juror, attorney, investigator, suspect.

• “House of Correction” by Nicci French — Awoke in jail. Amnesia. Falsely accused.

Defending the falsely accused

• “My Sister’s Grave” by Robert Dugoni — Sister vanished; oddball imprisoned. Wrong guy?

• “The Guardians” by John Grisham — Lawyer-priest defends death row convict.

• “The Law of Innocence” by Michael Connelly — Accused lawyer defends innocence from jail.

Light and historical legal fiction

• “The Last Days of Night” by Graham Moore — Edison, Westinghouse, Tesla war over patents.

• “The Witnesses” by Robert Whitlow — Dangerous spiritual gift becomes a weapon.

• “I Was Anastasia” by Ariel Lawhon — Did Anastasia survive? Identity on trial.

True legal thriller stories

• “A Civil Action” by Jonathan Harr — Groundwater contaminated. Corruption, egomania vs. victims.

• “Killers of the Flower Moon” by David Grann — Greed incites murder. Stolen oil rights.

• “Just Mercy” by Bryan Stevenson — Representing the defenseless and falsely accused.

• “Red Notice” by Bill Browder — American financier takes on Russian oligarchs.

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