Article – Kevin O’Keefe: Law Librarians are Stakeholders in Open Legal Blog Archive

He writes

A law librarian in a large law firm shared that law librarians are stakeholders in the success and growth of the Open Legal Blog Archive, backed by LexBlog.

For context, the Open Legal Blog Archive’s mission is to archive all credible legal blogs, worldwide, and make the archive openly available by syndication and search.

Why are law librarians stakeholders?

  1. The archive is preserving academic law blogs.
  2. Law blogs offer an important record of law librarian contributions to the technology transformation of the legal profession.
  3. Law librarians play a big role in helping lawyers respond to issues such as Covid where there are new resources of local law requiring law librarians to immediately respond to the need by creating Covid tracking and updates for clients and the general public.
  4. The archive represents a vast and timely body of niche law. During the early days of Covid, the archive aggregated three to four hundred blog posts per day on Covid issues, alone.
  5. With legal blogs generating more legal insight and commentary, especially on niches, than law reviews and journals, the archive represents a current and open body of secondary law for research on any legal matter.
  6. Law librarians have large – but limited budgets – for legal research. Open law is attractive.

It will be interesting to see how the Open Legal Blog Archive expands, especially with law librarians, some of the most important players in the law, as stakeholders.