Article: How drones will influence the future of legal practice

It all sounds a bit Jetsons. Australian Lawyers Weekly reports.

Typically associated with warfare, drones are becoming increasingly prominent in society, both for personal and commercial use. This can and will impact upon lawyers and their practices.

Lawyers should be getting on top of regulatory developments surrounding the use of drones, according to Tom Pils. Why? Because “the future is now”, he says.

Speaking recently on The Lawyers Weekly Show, Mr Pils – who is the managing solicitor at Agility Legal – discussed the business and administrative implications for legal practice.

When asked if we will soon be using drones to deliver documents to court, parties and clients, he said the Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, Airservices Australia and Civil and Aviation Safety Authority are developing a traffic management system, with deliverable expectations within two years.

As such, “while on the face of it, it seems very pie in the sky that we’re going to see drones flying around the sky, the fact that the government is pushing this heavily means that you are going to see it quicker than you’d think,” he said.

“Once the traffic management system is in place, certainly then the skies will be, dare I say, free for any user, and hopefully legal practitioners will adopt that where necessary.”

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