Article: Gaming credit law changes to reflect measures banning junkets from accepting player deposits

Macau’s Legislative Assembly has flagged plans to amend the gaming credit law to remove potential conflicts with changes being made to the regulation of the city’s junkets via the introduction of a new law, the “Legal Framework for Operating Games of Chance in Casinos”.

During discussions on the new bill “Legal Framework for Operating Games of Chance in Casinos” (being commonly referred to as “the new junket law“) on Friday, the Second Standing Committee of the Legislative Assembly referred to Article 60 which states that regulation of credit in casinos will be “subject to its own laws“. IAG understands that these “own laws” primarily reference Macau’s gaming credit law (number 5/2004) – a law which currently states that both concessionaires and junkets are allowed to engage in lending practices.

Committee Chairman Chan Chak Mo told reporters after the meeting that the gaming credit law must be changed to match the “Legal Framework for Operating Games of Chance in Casinos”, which specifically states that only concessionaires can accept player deposits.

“In the future, junkets will only be able to bring gamblers to the casino and exchange chips, but deposits can only be placed with the concessionaire,” Chan said, stressing that this matches with the original purpose of the law in ensuring the healthy development of the gaming industry.

Chan Chak Mo also revealed on Friday that the government intends to amend Law No. 8/96/M on “illegal gambling” with the aim of completely prohibiting illegal side-betting.