Article: Buying Legal Services On Twitter


From Real Lawyers Have Blogs website


“Buy Legal Services Now” on Twitter

Don’t laugh. Buying legal services with the click of a button on Twitter is upon us.

Mashable’s Kurt Wagner (@kurtwagner8) reports that shopping within your Twitter Timeline is not far off.

A new “Buy now” button appeared on multiple tweets Monday, all of which included products that link back to a shopping site.

The button only appeared on mobile, and appears to be an experiment for now. Per Wagner, the “Buy Now” button has been rumored for some time.

Think a “Buy Now” is too crazy for legal services?

I would never have dreamed lawyers would buy pre-written blog posts, sell a half hour of their time for $50 per hour on an a legal matching site, sell services via Groupon, or pay $90 per click through on Google Adwords.

A law firm could develop landing pages for “simple legal services” at flat fees and run “Buy Now” ads on Twitter. The Twitter ad schema would enable ultra focused ads to reach locales and various demographic groups.

Would I do it as a lawyer or law firm? Not in a million years, for any number of reasons including good taste and professionalism.

That won’t stop a lot of lawyers.

Think we’ll see a “Buy a Lawyer Now” Twitter button with a year?