Article: 5 Ways To Save On The Costs Of Applying To Law School

Worth a read at this time of year…

Applying for law school is not inexpensive. It may cost you thousands of dollars. As the pandemic creates more economic uncertainty, this is hardly an insignificant expense. Here are some ways to reduce the costs of applying to law school. The application fee for the California Desert Trial Academy, College of law, (CDTA) is only $100. Everything else is included in your tuition. Thus, other than your tuition, this application fee is the only fee you will incur throughout law school.

*Perform Due Diligence

When it is all said and done, law school applicants must pay LSAT test preparation fees, LSAT test fees, application fees, processing fees, and any other miscellaneous related costs. Do your research. For every school you are applying to, investigate waivers, scholarships, and any other ways to defray the costs.

*Law Schools with Free Applications

Some law schools have free applications. The ABA Standard 509 Report provides a full list of law school application fees. Applicants may also email a law school and request a waiver of its application fee based on financial hardship.

*Fee Waivers

If you are applying to law school and you suffer from severe financial hardship, you may apply for a fee waiver through the Law School Admissions Council at A fee waiver can significantly offset the cost of sitting for the LSAT and applying to law school. If denied, you can appeal the decision! There are also free LSAT practice tests available on

*Law School Scholarships

Many organizations offer scholarships to law school. Many law schools also offer merit scholarships to applicants who have high GPAs and high LSAT scores. AccessLex Scholarship Databank provides an extensive list of scholarships available to law school applicants.