Anthony Barbuto The Rapping Lawyer Is Back With A New Tune, “The Lawyer Anthem”

American lawyer, Anthony Barbuto (a/k/a The Lawyer), not only respects the bars that license him to practice law in the states of Florida, California and New Jersey, but he also respects the bars that make his rap songs reverberate in the souls of hip hop fans and legal practitioners worldwide. Says the latest press release accompanying his newest single


Here’s the full press release……Barbuto’s new single, The Lawyer Anthem, is now available on YouTube, including his music video, which was produced by Florida-based production company, Tortfeasor Productions .  The Lawyer Anthem includes parody and legal jargon with a catchy hook about getting “The Lawyer on My Case.”

Barbuto is known in the music industry as The Lawyer, as well as on various social media platforms including the musical app, TikTok, where Barbuto has accumulated approximately 2 million fans.  Through challenging legal stereotypes with the creation of short videos exhibiting an animated mixture of comedy, dancing and singing, Barbuto has become a leader in advancing positivity in the legal profession on social media.

“The legal profession is one of the most criticized professions out there,” The Lawyer stated during an interview.  “To combat this, I enjoy demonstrating that lawyers can indeed be multidimensional, publicly embracing all forms of art without any shame or embarrassment.”

Barbuto is a full-time practicing lawyer with offices located in Palm Beach County, Florida.  Even though Barbuto’s The Lawyer Anthem proves that he can give many famous rappers a run for their blue faces (a/k/a money in hip hop culture), he is quite humble and does not even identify himself as a rapper.  “I’m no rapper,” The Lawyer stated.  “I’m just a lawyer who knows how to spit bars like Frank White.”  Frank White is an alias for Barbuto’s favorite rapper, Notorious B.I.G.

Barbuto’s social media followers include a substantial amount of lawyers and other legal professionals worldwide, including many who aspire to enter the legal profession.  Barbuto is known on TikTok as @thelawyer, and on Instagram and Facebook as @italianenthusiast.