Another Example Why US Lawyers Won’t Take Up MH Social Networking En Masse

HOB thinks so anyway… if you were a member of a local bar association who did the following – would you also get your self on the MH network ? .. We think not



Here’s a press release from the Philadelphia Bar Association..

We presume this approach will be par for the course for all Bar assocs throughout the US in the next 18 months – then they’ll start talking about how to link up amongst themselves .. yes they may ask MH to help them achieve a nationwide connectivity but to be honest we think they’d be better off talking with FB, Linked In etc and creating their own sub groups and connections organically from the bottom up

More nails in the MH coffin

Philadelphia Bar Association Launches Presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Group

Get instant access to up-to-the-minute news on Association programs and initiatives, photos from events, and breaking local and national legal news through the Association?s new Facebook page and Twitter feed, both available on many mobile devices as well as online. At the same time, the Association has augmented and re-launched its LinkedIn page as a members-only resource.

The new services can be activated by visiting and clicking on the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn icons. Members must register with each respective Web site to gain access to the new services. These sites enable the Association to expand its relationship with members by offering more convenient and immediate access to issues pertinent to the Philadelphia legal community. Members with questions about the Association?s social media sites can contact Communications Manager Michael Petitti at [email protected].