Another China Internet Scam Targeting US Lawyers

Asia Biz Blog has come across yet another internet scam originating out of China that targets USA lawyers

Although we aren’t at Nigerian levels yet this is the third or fourth internet scam out of China targeting lawyers that we’ve come across this year.

Asia Biz blog writes:

Another, Yet Another Email Scam Targeting Lawyers

Another scam mail targeting lawyers. Similar content to previous scams: delinquent accounts in the U.S. requiring your legal services to recover.

You’ll notice, however, that, in this email, the author has inserted my name, as if to reassure me that his request is genuine.

He may have pulled the info on the company from Hoovers. My hunch is that this email was created by someone with access to Hoovers, perhaps at a university library in Hong Kong.

Wouldn’t you agree that a domestic steel company in Anhui is very unlikely to have debt collection work in the U.S.? The address listed in the email, does not agree with the return email address in the email’s properties tab, making this solicitation completely unpersuasive.

Delinquent account services in USA. Attn: Richard Kuslan This is an official requisition for your legal consultation services on behalf of Maanshan Iron & Steel Company Ltd.
We are based in China and our principal activity is manufacture and sale of iron and steel products. The production process of the Group mainly comprises cooking, sintering, iron smelting, steel smelting and rolling. The principal steel products come in four major categories: steel sections, wire rods, medium or thick steel plates and train wheels and tyres. It imports machinery and raw materials and exports steel products. It is also involved in the planning and designing of automation system, metallurgical, construction and environmental protection projects. Other activities include purchase, installation and repair of computers and communications systems; production, sale and transportation of slag products and provision of related consultation and technology services. We are presently incapacitated due to international legal boundaries to exert pressure on our delinquent customers in USA and we request for your services accordingly.

We got your contact information from the state of USA lawyers Directory as a result of our search for a reliable firm or individual to provide legal services as requested. After a careful review of your profile as well as your qualification and experience, we are of the opinion that your are capable and qualified to provide the legal services as requested.Please accept my sincerest appreciation on behalf of Maanshan Iron & Steel Company Ltd,in advance for your willingness to render your services as we look forward to your prompt response to our request.

Thank you.
Mr.Zhu Changqiu
Maanshan Iron & Steel Company Ltd.
[email protected]