Announcement: China Legal Scholar Dies

Received via LIS LAW CHINA
Taisu Zhang writes,

Last night, I received the horrible news that Jon Ocko, prominent Chinese
legal historian and longtime Chinalaw contributor, has passed away due to a
sudden heart attack.  Sad and shocking do not quite begin to describe this.

I had the privilege of working with Jon at Duke for the past three years,
and benefitted enormously from his wisdom, generosity, and good cheer.  Jon
was a true leader of our field, and, for many years, one of the best mentors
a junior legal historian could find.  His passing is a terrible loss, both
academically and, for many of us, personally.  I would say more, but have
yet to gather my thoughts fully in the wake of this tragedy.

I will pass along any additional announcements made by NCSU and Duke.