Announcement: BIALL Legal Journals Award

Do you have a favourite legal journal? If so, it’s that time of the year when you can nominate a legal journal you consider of particular merit for the prestigious 2024 BIALL Legal Journals Award. The specific aims of the award are to:

1.      Recognise and reward excellence in legal serials publishing
2.      Promote awareness of outstanding products
3.      Encourage the highest quality of publishing
4.      Set industry standards

You are invited to make your nomination using a simple online form (link below, with paper version available on direct request), with fuller details of the award and past winners available on the award web page. Nominations will close on Tuesday 30th April 2024

Online nomination form:

Award web page –

Please note nominations will only be accepted from those working within the legal profession, not from publishers or editorial staff; please feel free to circulate this email to relevant colleagues. Thank you for your time and consideration.