Animal Law in Australia Third Edition 2023

Animal law continues to grow as a branch of legal studies, with animal law courses increasing in popularity across Australian universities.

In this edition all the chapters have been substantially revised and a new Chapter 10 has been added focusing on the treatment of animals used in sport and entertainment. Legislation from all the jurisdictions has been updated together with new case law relating to animals in Australia. The updated bibliography ensures students are aware of the most significant developments in the discourse relating to animal welfare.
The third edition of Animal Law in Australia hasbeen written for university law students undertaking animal law, animal welfare, animal rights or human-animal relationships courses; and is relevant for academics interested in animal welfare and the environment in general; lawyers who are interested in animal welfare and the environment; animal advocates; and general readers with an interest in animal welfare.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Animals: Morality, Science and Justice

Chapter 2 Historical Development of Animal Law

Chapter 3 Legal Status of Animals


Chapter 4 Overview of Animal Law in Australia

Chapter 5 Animal Welfare Legislation

Chapter 6 Regulation of the Treatment of Companion Animals

Chapter 7 Regulation of the Treatment of Animals

Chapter 8 Regulation of Wild Animal Welfare

Chapter 9 Regulation of Animal Testing

Chapter 10 Regulation of the Treatment of Animal Workers in Sport and Entertainment


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