American Lawyer Report On How Law Firms Trying To Appeal To Millennial Clients

In a battle of wills in Big Law, law firm management has started to bend to millennial demands. Firms have begun to craft and adopt policies to cater to these new members of the legal profession.  Writes the American Lawyer

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In the process, they are casting aside old traditions synonymous with the industry. Firms are swapping out corner offices for collaborative spaces. Large oak desks are now motorized standing desks. Paneled walls are now glass. While these changes might be aesthetic, they are indicative of the very real need for Big Law to bridge the gap between the older models of legal practice and the demands of the profession’s future standard-bearers.

By making changes to satisfy their youngest talent, law firms may be making the management changes they’ve needed all along. Are millennials the answer to some of Big Law’s thorniest problems?