American Association of Law Libraries Monitoring Coronavirus– Still Planning to Hold Upcoming Events and AALL Conference

Jean O Grady Reports via Lexblog that as of late last week the conference is still on.

This morning the American Association of Law Libraries issued a press release stating that they are monitoring the
Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation closely. The press release stated that the safety of members and program attendees is the “top priority.” At this point they have no plans to cancel or postpone upcoming events in Chicago  (Leadership Academy, Competitive Intelligence Strategies, etc.)

Registration for the 2020 Annual Meeting and Conference, July 11-14  in New Orleans is open. There are no reported cases of the virus in the state of Louisiana at this time. The Association is in contact with officials in both Louisiana and Illinois and is following the guidance  from  the Centers for Disease Control.

AALL will communicate and future changes to members and attendees. Please contact AALL’s Headquarters Office at 312.939.4764 if you have questions or concerns.

Michelle Crosby, AALL President issued the following press release this morning:


Dear Jean,

With the increasing news coverage of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19, AALL wants to assure you that the association is monitoring the situation closely. The safety of our members and program attendees is our top priority.

As registration is now open for the 2020 AALL Annual Meeting & Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, July 11-14, and several other education programs are planned in Chicago, AALL is following the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). AALL is also in regular communication with the City of New Orleans and following guidelines from the City of Chicago and State of Illinois.

At this point in time, the 2020 AALL Annual Meeting & Conference is scheduled to take place as planned. No federal restrictions are in place to prevent meetings and travel in the United States due to COVID-19 and there are no reported cases in New Orleans or in the State of Louisiana. The New Orleans Health Department states that the risk of the public getting COVID-19 in Louisiana is very low.

All AALL education programs coming up in Chicago (Leadership Academy, Competitive Intelligence Strategies, etc.) are also scheduled to take place as planned for now. While the world’s best scientists and medical professionals are working to manage and to treat the coronavirus, we encourage all of you to keep safe and monitor the COVID-19 updates.

Any changes/updates to this statement will be shared with all of you promptly. If you have additional questions or comments, please contact AALL’s Headquarters Office at 312.939.4764. Thank you.

Michelle Cosby
AALL President