Ambrogi Reports On A Full-Functioned Platform For Remote Depositions and Mediations

Definitely worth a read.. Ambrogi writes…

It seems that Zoom has become the go-to video conferencing platform for all sorts of uses, and that extends to conducting online depositions and mediations. But why use generic video conferencing software for depositions when there is a product specifically designed for that purpose?

Recently, I was given a demonstration of vTestify, a cloud-based platform designed for conducting depositions remotely. Unlike generic conferencing software, it offers the features, functionality and security that lawyers and court reporters would want in a deposition platform.

These features include high-definition video, exhibit marking and management, synchronized transcripts, real-time testimony transcription and search, private sidebar rooms, and integration with popular trial presentation applications.

The company was a participant in the fall 2017 cohort of the LexisNexis Legal Tech Accelerator and the 2017 Duke Law Tech Lab. It was recently selected by the Texas court reporting firm Goucher Parker Spivey LLC for depositions in multi-jurisdiction asbestos litigation.

The platform is also used for conducting mediations by Resolute Systems, one of the largest ADR providers in the United States.

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