All Lexis All The Time ! They’ve Assimilated A New Product Manager

His name is Andy Lilley ( full press release below). As you’ll see from his comments, the Borg have already assimilated him My vision for my role is closely tied to the goals of the company. The vision of our company – “together we transform the world of legal services” – rings true with me and excites me.



Meet Andy Lilley, Our New Product Director

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Andy Lilley has recently joined LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions from Bottomline Technologies, bringing with him over 20 years of experience in the ERP, Corporate Payments and Financial Services sector. He is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the division’s product portfolio and ensuring that the organisation remains customer focussed at all times.

We had a little natter with him to get a sense of his views on the legal world!

What interested you to join LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions and in turn the legal sector?

The legal sector is at the cusp of a major transformation, which makes it an interesting space to be involved in. For me it’s déjà vu. Looking back, the legal sector is where the payments industry was just over a decade ago. I remember the time when the idea of sending a payment over internet was considered outrageous and was met with great opposition from financial institutions. Today, the same industry has adopted blockchain and wearable devices and is providing a variety of payment options to customers, it’s embracing mobile and cloud technologies, and so on – with ease.

Today LexisNexis is well poised to play a major role in the legal sector’s transformation through its portfolio – LexisOne is driving adoption of ERP and facilitating law firms’ transition to cloud; Visualfiles is providing a platform-led, developmental approach to case management; and InterAction and Business Edge are enabling firms to adopt a relationship management-driven extreme targeting philosophy for business development. The company is leading the marketplace by taking these solutions to the law practice. I’m excited to be part of the legal sector’s journey in this transformation.

What is your vision for the company in your role?

My vision for my role is closely tied to the goals of the company. The vision of our company – “together we transform the world of legal services” – rings true with me and excites me. My job is to help drive transformation in legal services, to help our customers keep up with the demands of their clients. In my role, I need to think about “how do I take the business into this next phase of evolution”.

Also, underlying the company vision is the accomplishment of the larger business thus far: The Future of Law Since 1818, the operative word being ‘future’. My role is all about looking ahead to and even beyond the horizon to determine the future needs of our customers and then providing robust solutions that deliver against those requirements.

How are you/company looking to achieve these goals?

I’m a firm believer of the ‘outside-in’ approach. As we develop our solutions, it’s important for us to understand what our customers want, of course, but more importantly, what our customers’ customers want. The technology solutions we provide must enable our customers to meet their clients’ needs, so we must understand the requirements of the latter and work backwards.

Simultaneously, we are leveraging the wider technologies available today to ensure that we help customers address some of their challenges such as security, regulation and compliance. We are cognisant that law firms have IT departments, but technology isn’t the mainstay of their business. We will develop our solutions in a way that takes away some of the technology-related burden from our customers so that they can get on with their business of providing legal expertise to their clients.

User experience is another major focus area. We want to enable customers to consume our technology in any way that they want – on any device, platform or infrastructure. Our aim is to provide secure, flexible and scalable technology that works in the way that our customers want it to.

Also, behemoth technology upgrades are a thing of the past. We must provide technology that evolves in tune with changing customer requirements, as routine. In fact, this is key to ensuring the best possible user experience for customers.

On a personal note, tell us a little bit about yourself. Any likes, pet peeves?

I love outdoor pursuits like mountain biking and skiing; and enjoy spending time with my two boys. My peeves (which drive my wife crazy!) are the result of looking at everything from the lens of the user. I think this comes from years of working in the technology industry and trying to deliver solutions that aim to make the lives of people easy. As a consumer, I too have come to expect that in my personal life, I guess like most people in today’s 24/7, mobile app and consumption-led culture. Any solution/service/technology that makes me think or is cumbersome to access/use annoys me immensely.

As Director of Product Management, Andy is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the division’s product portfolio; and overseeing the successful delivery of solutions to ensure business growth for Enterprise Solutions and optimal return on investment for customers. To achieve this, he drives collaboration across the sales and marketing, product development and engineering teams in the business.