Alex Murdaugh’s Lawyer “Jokingly “Points Gun at Prosecutor

Not sure how you can “jokingly” pull a gun.. but it is Amerika!

As the double-murder trial of prominent South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh continues to draw the true-crime spotlight, his trial attorney Dick Harpootlian seemingly can’t help but pull some of the attention his own way. So far, his hijinks have included asking a journalist if she was the “alter sexual ego” of her blog’s founder and feigning surprise over a seven-figure bond — “It’s not often a Black judge sets a bond like that.” Adding to that list was his apparent joke on Tuesday afternoon involving a rifle.

Murdaugh is accused of fatally shooting his wife and son at their home in 2021, following a string of alleged financial crimes and suspicious deaths surrounding the prominent family. Harpootlian was explaining that his client could not have killed his wife with an AR-15-style rifle because, at six-foot-four, Murdaugh would have had to crouch in an “unrealistic shooting position” for the trajectory to line up with her gunshot wounds. With the gun in his hands, Harpootlian briefly pointed it at prosecutors and said, “tempting.” The wisecrack led Alan Wilson, the South Carolina attorney general seated at the prosecutor’s table, to smile.

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