Above The Law: UK Law Student Uses Textbooks To Win Case

Jack Simm, a 19-year-old UK law student, managed to translate his legal textbooks into a courtroom victory.

After moving into a housing complex at his new school, he found the site an unfinished construction site with no heat. With the help of his nascent legal education, he informed the landlord that he’d not be paying additional rent and would vacate at the end of the week.

The landlord allegedly enlisted a debt collector to threaten Simm for the unpaid term. Simm hit the books and went to court for his deposit and first month’s rent back — just under 1000 Pounds — citing the Misrepresentation Act 1967.

The landlord lodged a counterclaim seeking rent for the entire lease — over 7000 Pounds — in what feels like a naked intimidation tactic.

It didn’t work, as Simms forged ahead.

On November 2, Newcastle County Court ruled in Simm’s favour and ordered that he be paid £859, covering his rental deposit and first month’s rent, plus £140 in legal fees.

Simm said: “Winning shows that I can do it. It’s given me a massive confidence boost.”

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