Above The Law – Southern Illinois University School of Law to be called Southern Illinois University Simmons Law School. after $US10 Million Donation

John Simmons, an SIU board of trustees member and founder of the Simmons Hanly Conroy law firm, as well as his wife, Jayne Simmons, recently made a historic donation of $10 million to the law school. Pending approval from the SIU board of trustees in April, the school will become known as the Southern Illinois University Simmons Law School. Law.com has additional details:

“The SIU university system has provided me with many opportunities to better my life,” John Simmons said in a statement. “A thriving law school will help support others in southern Illinois who are working hard day-to-day to improve their own lives.”

“SIU holds a special place for me,” he continued. “We would really like people to look at Simmons Law School as an attainable place where they are welcome, they belong and they can thrive.”

Dean Camille Davidson of SIU Law told Law.com that the Simmonses’ “transformational gift” coincided with the school’s 50th anniversary. “We will continue to honor our rich history and we look forward to a bright future as this generous gift empowers us to advance our mission on a larger scale and with an even greater impact,” she said.

Congratulations to everyone at what will soon be known as the SIU Simmons Law School.