Above The Law Rank The Ugliest Law Schools In America

A little cruel but fun to read .  We hope at some point they do the most attractive law schools in America.

They write

Is your law school a blight on the local landscape? For the amount of tuition that you pay, it really shouldn’t be, and yet, you continue to attend a law school that could best be described as hideous.

Some law schools, however, are worse than others. Avert your eyes, because some law schools have earned themselves a place in Architectural Digest’s list of the ugliest university buildings in America.

As politely noted by the online magazine, “[t]hough not reflective of the caliber of the schools that built them, these campus façades are undeniable eyesores.” Which law schools earned a place in this undesirable ranking?

University of Baltimore School of Law

See their full list at  https://abovethelaw.com/2017/10/the-ugliest-law-schools-in-america/

To balance things up here’s an article The 50 Most Impressive Law School Buildings In The World..

And one of our favorites has to be the following. You’ll have to read the article to learn more about this building.