Above The Law Op-ed: “Trump Judge Aileen Cannon Is A Hack… But Maybe Also A Cowardly Hack?”

ATL write

There’s a lot of panic over Judge Aileen Cannon getting assigned to Trump’s criminal case, but it might just be overblown.

As of this moment, Trump’s criminal case for mishandling a bunch of classified documents, refusing to turn them over, sending his lawyers to lie about turning them over, maybe flooding his house, and then going on tape to admit that he knew these were not declassified documents has initially landed on Judge Aileen Cannon’s docket. (Indictment below).

Come on! Aileen? Oh, I swear!

Judge Cannon made herself a legal laughingstock earlier in this investigation by inserting herself into the fight over the search warrant that turned up all these top secret documents lounging by the Mar-a-Lago pool. Cannon lacked any jurisdiction to embark on a civil challenge as an endrun around a criminal investigation, a lesson she learned the hard way when an all-conservative panel of the Eleventh Circuit excoriated her for mucking up remedial procedure. But up until the appellate court put a stop to her nonsense, Judge Cannon seemed content to throw caution and the rule of law to the wind to give Trump’s lawyers whatever they wanted.

How bad could it get if Judge Cannon remains on this case? Well…


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