Above The Law Article: New LexisNexis Generative AI Writes Mean Cease & Desist Letters, Becoming The AI We Never Knew We Needed

Yes it’s starting already….

As the legal industry continues to carrom between giddy enthusiasm and existential dread as it ponders generative artificial intelligence, new proposed applications of the technology keep cropping up to feed the cycle. To be clear, when it comes to legal, GPT is not ready for prime time. It’s not going to replace associates, but it can streamline a number of tasks.

Much like the major search engine companies, a lot of excitement centers on generative AI proving more efficient at generating and processing research, which is why we’ve been waiting on LexisNexis to jump into this space. And today, they announced Lexis+ AI, a conglomeration of multiple large language models trained upon Lexis’s deep repository of information. Per the announcement, this new offering “features conversational search, insightful summarization, and intelligent legal drafting capabilities, all supported by state-of-the-art encryption and privacy technology to keep sensitive data secure.”

But the coolest feature is definitely the ability to ask it to write mean letters.

The interface tracks the familiar AI bot conversation format, with the user asking a simple, natural language question and the AI responding in real time based on the information in the Lexis database. In a demo shown to the press, the system seeks out and summarizes the law of removal, providing links to relevant caselaw for the attorney to review (click the image to zoom in).

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