Above The Law Already Reporting Law Firm Layoffs

Earlier this week, the New York City-based 50-lawyer firm of Robinson Brog made the difficult decision to layoff staff members amid the global health crisis. As managing partner Roger A. Raimond wrote in an email sent to those remaining at the firm:

[T]he Executive Committee made the decision to trim our roster to curb the potential negative economic effects we face. Although we are all saddened by the reduction of our staff, the decisions were made in an effort to maintain the firm’s long term viability. I speak for the entire Executive Committee when I say that we remain committed to each of you and I am confident that together we will get through these difficult times.

Though it is currently unclear exactly how many employees were impacted by the firm’s decision to “trim [their] roster,” we sympathize with anyone who has to deal with the anxiety of a global health crisis PLUS financial insecurity.

You can read Raimond’s full email on the next page.

Read full report at  https://abovethelaw.com/2020/03/law-firm-layoffs-amid-covid-19/