Above The Law: Abortion Rights Are About To Be Destroyed So Biglaw Firm Piles On The Bullsh*t

I have to say I am enjoying the recent ATL editorial approach.. long may they keep it up…

The Supreme Court is pretty busy radically remaking established constitutional doctrine. But the most seismic decision, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, has yet to be issued. However, given the leaked draft decision, we know what awfulness is likely headed our way.

Now, there are lots of ways a firm can deal with the upcoming decision and, honestly, the leadership at Goodwin Procter picked an absolute stinker.

Chairman Robert S. Insolia and Managing Partner Mark T. Bettencourt decided to send a message out to the firm, given the anticipated ruling in Dobbs. And wooboy, is it a doozy. One tipster called it “unacceptable and an outrage!” while another begged Above the Law to “roast” the firm. Under the sus subject line “Common Ground,” they start out by noting the Dobbs decision is expected soon. But then things go off the rails:

This decision — whether to affirm, modify or overturn Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey — will be a divisive one, and will be deeply disappointing to some members of of community and welcome news to others.

The actual fuck? This gives big Charlottesville “very fine people on both sides” energy.

No matter how strongly we may feel at the moment, we should remind ourselves that we strive to build a firm where everyone feels they belong, regardless of political, religious and other beliefs and practices.

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