A Step-by-step Guide To Choosing Your CBD Cream


CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabis or weed-derived molecule. It has a mechanism of action similar to that of marijuana. It is available in edible, smokeable as well as topical forms. But how can using the CBD Daily Relief Cream by Lumiere help? Let us find out here!


What is CBD?

In the past few years, traditional or alternative medicine has been making a comeback. And among them, the role of cannabis or hemp is the most prominent. However, many cannot use it due to the stringent laws around tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or marijuana. Instead, they opt for a non-psychoactive option: cannabidiol (CBD). In the US, it is legal as long as it comes from hemp and contains THC at a concentration of less than 0.3 percent. But what does CBD deliver? It is primarily considered a wellness product and is known to provide different benefits. These include pain and anxiety relief, treatment of sleeping disorders, etc.


What is CBD cream?

 Not all weed products come in a smokeable form. While you can smoke or vape CBD-based goods, other valuable alternatives are available. For instance, CBD topicals such as creams or lotions can be applied by users on their bodies. That is the method people typically prefer to use these days for pain relief.   

How should you choose the correct CBD cream for yourself?

As CBD is all the hype, thousands of products are out there. Every brand on the market has released one or more CBD creams, varying in potency, formula, and other parameters. So, even though having a wide range of options is excellent, it can get confusing. Thus, you must learn how to select the correct CBD cream. Keep the following steps in mind, and you should be excellent.

1. Find the appropriate brand.

Several brands manufacture and sell CBD products. But not all of them are reliable. Some might sell cheap ingredients with poor formulation and flimsy packaging in the name of a CBD cream. Some might contain a significant concentration of THC impurities. Thus, you must check whether or not the products from these companies are third-party tested. If they are, only then can you be sure you are using the right products on your body.

Otherwise, you might be putting yourself at risk for allergies, skin reactions, etc. You can also look at the reviews left by users of the brand. And do more than trust the company’s website for this. That is because reviews can get faked. Check out various social media platforms, forums, etc., to get the most authentic information. 

2. Check the ingredients list for the CBD cream.

Once you shortlist a few brands you deem safe; you can find their skin cream options. Now check the ingredients list mentioned on their website or packaging pictures. You might find that you are allergic to a few ingredients or some have not suited you in the past. It is also a great idea to get a CBD topical that contains other active ingredients. These can provide some skincare benefits. If you plan on using your CBD cream for pain, cooling ingredients such as menthol, oil of wintergreen, etc., can be excellent. 

3. Find the correct dosage/strength.

Even though most cannabidiol creams are considered skincare items, you must not forget that the main active ingredient is a cannabinoid. Thus, it is critical to ensure that these creams contain the appropriate concentrations of CBD suitable for you. A beginner should start with a smaller dosage. Soon enough, depending on your tolerance, you can upgrade to a higher-strength product after a few weeks or months of use. 

4. Use the correct source of CBD.

Cannabidiol comes in different extracts such as broad-spectrum, full spectrum, isolate, etc. Isolates are a 100 percent CBD containing virtually no THC or other cannabinoids. On the contrary, full-spectrum products include all cannabinoids, terpenoids, etc. And that means they constitute THC too. Broad spectrum products are the legal intermediate since they are devoid of THC but contain most other cannabinoids, allowing you to enjoy the benefits without experiencing the significant psychedelic effects. 


How should you apply your CBD cream?

Now that you know how to choose a CBD topical, you should learn how to apply it. If you are using it for skincare purposes, you are likely starting with a 200-milligram CBD product. But if you’re using it for athletic treatment, you might have a higher dose. How much you use depends entirely on you. A pea-sized amount of concentrated cream should work wonders for your pain. Ensure you are not using it on the correct spots to get the best results. Brands offer CBD creams suited to different parts of the body. And this can include face creams, body creams, and foot creams. 


What is the final inference?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a well-known compound in thousands of wellness products. And that includes both cosmetic and fitness-focused creams. But since there are many options available in the market, it will take some research on your part to find out the industry’s best. The above guide should help you in the process. Once you start using the CBD product that suits your needs the best, you will be able to deal with your pain better.