A Step-by-Step Guide to Analyzing Your Law Firm’s YouTube Channel

A Step-by-Step Guide to Analyzing Your Law Firm’s YouTube Channel

Video has become an essential element of today’s marketing mix. YouTube is the premier channel for hosting and promoting video content, and it’s actually the second most visited website in the world (after Google). Are you doing the right things to reach your audience on YouTube? How do you know? Follow this guide on analyzing your law firm’s YouTube Channel performance.

1. Review Key Metrics Within the YouTube Studio Dashboard

First login to your account, and locate the YouTube Studio link. This will bring you to a dashboard where you can get an overview of how your channel is doing. You’ll see several options, but we suggest starting by looking at subscriber count, total views, and total watch time. Ideally, these numbers will rise over time, indicating that your channel is growing. If you notice a drastic change, dig deeper into specific analytics so that you can see what happened. If the numbers aren’t changing at all, you need to investigate what’s stopping people from viewing your videos or subscribing to the channel.

This is also where you’ll monitor comments on content. Your dashboard will let you know of any new comments that have been made. Take time to address the thoughts and questions of people who have taken time to comment. This feedback provides a valuable opportunity to interact with your audience, and also to get insight into what matters to them.

This is also the time to check your latest video’s performance. How did it do compared to other videos? Focus on obtaining a general upward trend, rather than expecting big jumps in each video. Analyzing your law firm’s YouTube channel through the same key metrics over time will help give insight into what’s working and what’s not.

2. Dig Deeper into YouTube Channel Analytics

Within the dashboard, click “Go to Channel Analytics” to see how many views, how many hours of watch time, and how many subscribers your channel has. You can choose to compare performance over time periods, such as the past month or year. Arrows will indicate the general direction of performance – with green showing growth and red showing a decline. Look for peaks associated with certain activities that indicate what generates the most traffic for your channel. One of the most important insights is which videos are performing well. By analyzing your law firm’s YouTube channel with these insights, you’ll learn what type of content and what format your audience likes best. Then look at these specific tabs:

  1. Your channel’s reach – Reach should see a positive trajectory over time. In particular, you want to pay attention to how many impressions you’re getting compared to your click-through rate. You can also explore where your impressions come from. If impressions are low, look for more ways to share your videos. If click-through is low, look for more ways to engage your audience.
  2. Your channel’s engagement – This information reflects how much time people spend on your channel and when they spent that time. …