A New Role Model: Reimagining the EDRM

When originally conceived, the Electronic Discovery Reference Model provided a useful guide for approaching the identification, collection, and analysis of digital data—over time becoming the primary model for the ediscovery industry. However, the EDRM requires rethinking and expansion against the backdrop of ediscovery expanding beyond a litigation-only concept to a rigorous discipline; courts and government agencies applying greater scrutiny over data governance and security practices; and attorneys utilizing a more strategic, cross-matter approach to review. How should this model be updated? Is there a more appropriate model for an era of more complex communication, data, and business challenges? EJ Bastien, Director of Discovery Programs at Microsoft, Chris Dahl, Senior Vice President, Market Solutions Group, at Lighthouse, and guest speakers will discuss how data challenges and governance are transforming the way legal professionals should approach the EDRM, thinking beyond a linear and single matter approach to review, and the future of ediscovery.


EJ Bastien EJ Bastien
Director of Discovery Programs

E.J. Bastien is Microsoft’s Director of Discovery Programs, leading the eDiscovery and Litigation Support function for its Litigation Department. During his 17 year tenure, he has been an integral part of the small team responsible for re-envisioning Microsoft’s approach to eDiscovery from the ground up, architecting the internal processes for the identification, preservation, and collection of ESI, and shepherding it through the stages of processing, analytics, and review. He partners closely with Microsoft’s product development teams, planning and testing the platforms’ eDiscovery feature sets, and ensuring the company’s legal processes evolve in step with the technology it creates.

TracyAnn Eggen TracyAnn Eggen
eDiscovery Mastermind
CommonSpirit Health

TracyAnn Eggen has more than 25 years of legal experience, principally in intellectual property litigation. She leads CommonSpirit’s Enterprise Defensible Information Governance Team with her WonderWoman cape and lasso in hand. A technically savvy leader with a data-driven approach, she has championed the management of day-to-day operations at Dignity Health (CommonSpirit Health). Her role spans the entire EDRM from legal holds, preservation, collections, data analytics, investigations and e-discovery solutions enterprise-wide. She also serves as the liaison with in-house and outside counsel, review workflows, e-discovery vendor management and training on ediscovery tools.

Chris Dahl
SVP, Market Solutions Group

Sarah Barsky-Harlan
Executive Director
Customer Experience Group