9 weird and wonderful Scottish laws that are still in effect today

Our favourite is…..Wearing a full suit of armour in the Houses of Parliament

Scots law is an interesting mix of civil and common law which traces its roots to several historical sources – meaning there are still a fair few bizarre laws in place that are a hangover from the past. These are 9 of the weirdest that are still around today – though there are few instances of them being broken in the modern age.

1. Fishing for salmon or sea trout on a Sunday

Thought to be a hangover from puritan beliefs banning recreation on God’s day of rest, it is illegal to fish for salmon or sea trout on a Sunday in Scotland. More recently the law was confirmed to allow stocks to recover.

2. Accidentally allowing a chimney to set on fire

According to Section 31 of the Town Police Clauses act of 1847, you can incur a penalty if you accidentally allow a chimney to catch fire in the building you’re using or residing in.

3. Defacing banknotes or destroying metal coins

The Currency and Banknotes act of 1928 makes it an offence to deface a banknote by printing, stamping or writing on it. The Coinage act also makes it illegal to destroy a UK metal coin current since 1969 without a licence.

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