85% UK Barristers demand cleaner magistrates’ courts says report

The UK Law Gazette reports that….Almost 85% of criminal barristers are concerned about returning to court, citing a lack of basic safety measures such as hand sanitiser and bathroom soap.

In a letter to HM Courts & Tribunals Service, the Criminal Bar Association said it was ‘deeply concerned’ about the cleanliness of court centres. On magistrates’ courts, the CBA said there was an absence of regular cleaning and a failure to provide basic essentials such as hand sanitiser and cleaning products, contrary to a risk assessment document published by HMCTS earlier this month.

A significant number of pupils, junior tenants and solicitors have continued to attend the magistrates’ court during lockdown. One pupil alleged she was not told about a client’s Covid-19 symptoms because the cell staff thought she would ‘make a fuss’ about the legal consultation. Meanwhile, court workers say they have not received sufficient training and incidents have been reported of cell staff talking in large groups and hugging each other.

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