4 Steps To Take After A Bicycle Accident 


When you get involved in a bicycle accident, there are important steps to take to maximize your compensation. State law allows you to file a compensation case against the person who caused the accident. However, you must prove beyond any reason that the person you’re filing the claim against is actually responsible for the accident and all the damage you suffered. Here are steps to take if you’re involved in a bicycle accident.  

1. Hire A Lawyer

One of the important steps if you’re involved in a bicycle accident is to get the help of a lawyer. Most people attempt to handle the case independently when seeking compensation for bicycle accidents. Unfortunately, they end up committing serious mistakes that hurt their compensation. Hiring a personal injury lawyer when filing your bicycle accident lawsuit is important.  

Seeking the assistance of a lawyer can help you in various ways. They include the following:  

Ensures You File the Case on Time: State law has stipulated the timeframe for a victim to file a compensation case. If you wait for longer, you won’t be able to recover your full compensation. While that’s the case, your priority after being involved in a bicycle accident should be to recover. This implies that you might not have time to file the case. However, a lawyer can file the case on your behalf as you focus on healing and recovery. As such, you’ll file the case on time and increase your chances of receiving maximum compensation.  

Helps Negotiate for Better Settlement: When seeking justice, the responsible party and insurance companies will try to convince you to accept less compensation. And if you aren’t careful, you might receive less compensation than you deserve. Fortunately, a personal injury lawyer can assist you with this. Since a personal injury lawyer is experienced in bicycle accident cases, they’ll help you to value the case correctly. Additionally, the attorney will use their expertise to bargain for adequate compensation.  

As you’ve seen, a lawyer can assist you in many ways. However, ensure you choose the right legal service provider. For instance, select someone who deals with bicycle accidents. Additionally, hire an experienced lawyer who has served several clients over time.  

2. Seek Medical Attention

After a bicycle accident, one of the first things to do is to seek medical attention. Even if you didn’t suffer any physical injuries, it’s important to go to the hospital immediately after the accident. Sometimes, the pain might not develop immediately after the accident. The doctor will examine your body and provide proper medication for any internal or external injuries to help with your recovery.  

In addition, the hospital you visit will draft a health report of your injuries which you can provide in court as evidence of the damage you suffered in the bicycle accident. Additionally, your doctor will provide official medical bills you can use when computing the total value of your case. Therefore, seek medical attention immediately after the accident to improve your recovery and maximize your compensation.  

3. Collect And Document Evidence

Evidence will play a significant part in your bicycle accident compensation case. Without enough evidence, it’d be impossible to achieve justice. So, ensure you collect and document as much evidence as possible.  

One great way to gather bicycle accident evidence is to take photographs of the scene. Ensure you take pictures of the cars and bicycles involved in the accident as well as the areas around the accident scene to show what the ground looked like when the accident happened.  

Besides taking pictures of vehicles and bicycles, take pictures of any visible injured part of your body. Doing so is important because, with proper medication and care, the injured parts of the body will eventually heal, which may make it difficult to convince judges that you were previously injured in a bicycle accident. With pictures, however, you can provide evidence of your injuries even several months after the incident. This helps strengthen your case and maximize your compensation.  

4. Call The Police

If you’re involved in a bicycle accident, call the police immediately. The police will help you to write a report about the accident and your injuries, which will help provide additional evidence of your damages.  

Also, some insurance companies may request a police report when compensating you. For instance, most auto insurance companies may require you to see a police abstract of the accident before approving your compensation. Therefore, contact the police officer once you get involved in a bicycle accident to maximize your compensation.  


It’s important to seek compensation if you’re involved in a bicycle accident. This allows you to recover all the damage you may have suffered, including hospital bills, lost earnings, damaged personal items, physical pain, mental anguish, and more. However, you must follow the correct steps when making your compensation claim. Seeking the help of a lawyer, seeking medical attention, preserving evidence, and calling the police are important steps to take after a bicycle accident.