2024 Australian Midsize Law Firm Priorities Report New research of the trends shaping Australia’s legal industry landscape.

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We surveyed more than 200 law firm professionals from midsize firms across Australia to find out how their organisation is evolving and what they’re anticipating in the next year. Our research addressed the following pressing questions:

  • What will midsize law firms’ priorities be in 2024?
  • To what extent are midsize law firms being affected by changing client expectations?
  • Is technology delivering on its promise to power law firm excellence?
  • How does workplace flexibility impact stress, relationships, and talent retention?
  • How do the experiences of law firm administrative roles and legal staff differ?

Use these insights and key takeaways to inform your law firm’s existing growth, client management, and people strategies for the upcoming year, or use this report to simply get a read on what other law firms are focusing on.


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