New book: General Counsel in the 21st Century

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Edited by Global Counsel Leaders’ Executive Director E. Leigh Dance and  Chris Vaagt.  Twelve insightful chapters from esteemed corporate legal leaders and subject matter experts on key areas for General Counsel now and in next 5 years.  The ESG chapter is written by Leigh Dance.  Published by Globe Law and Business, buy the book at this link:

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 We invited some of the best and the brightest in the legal sector to write chapters that  give you perspectives, particulars and practical insights.  Most of the chapter topics are relevant to every General Counsel today.  Click on link to see the Table of Contents and chapter contributors.

 This book will give you valuable content along with lots of food for thought and application.  You will find both new developments and classic challenges that are relevant to corporate legal leaders today, grouped as follows:

Part 1:  Strategy and Structure (4 chapters)

Part 2:  Leadership Skills for the General Counsel (5 chapters)

Part 3:  Adding Value and Managing Change (3 chapters)

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