Outer Space Law: Legal Policy and Practice, Second Edition

Outer Space Law:
Legal Policy and Practice, Second Edition

Featuring a foreword by Professor Tanja Masson-ZwaanReview from previous edition:
“The real treasure is it’s contributors. ‘Outer Space Law’ is not penned by a single author but represents the contribution of numerous essayists who represent the budding generation of legal and policy minds who will are and will continue to influence the legal environment and canon of outer space. Indeed, it is the introduction of this new crop of legal and policy professionals that is the real cake of ‘Outer Space Law’ and their insight within the icing.”
Michael J. Listner, Space Law and Policy Solutions 

Outer space has become a congested environment.

The involvement of private actors, specifically, has given rise to a number of legal issues, including questions pertaining to liability, insurance, space debris, human rights and property rights in space.To address these legal uncertainties, this second edition of Outer Space Law: Legal Policy and Practice has been significantly updated and several new chapters have been added dealing with topical issues including:

  • the regulation of satellite navigation systems, and satellite constellations;
  • the application of human rights instruments in outer space settlements;
  • universe exploration and colonisation;
  • financing space activities; and
  • planetary protection.


Consulting editors:
Yanal Abul Failat and Anél Ferreira-Snyman
Publication date:
Apr 2022
Discounted price: £165.75 / $267.75
Length: 575 pages
ISBN: 9781787424821

Previous edition ISBN: 9781911078197